The Best Dog Food And Cat Food Available, Holistic Nutrition For Your Dog And Cat

What Makes Life's Abundance the best dog food and cat food available?
  • Life's Abundance crafts the best dog food and cat food through cutting edge holistic dog food and cat food formulas created to help maintain the health and the longevity of your dog and cat.  Read here about Life's Abundance dog food formula and what makes it the best dog food and cat food available today.
  • Quality ingredients chosen by nationally recognized holistic veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks, author of several pet nutrition books as well as tv and radio commentator on pet nutrition.  Every ingredient in Life's Abundance has a purpose to enhance the pet's whole body.  The pet food ingredients along with their proportions is what makes Life's Abundance a holistic food, which means the food works with the whole body, not just one facet of it and why we feel Life's Abundance is the best dog food and best cat food available on the market today.  In fact, even the dog treats and supplements with Life's Abundance are specifically formulated to work with the dog food and cat food formulas for optimum performance and the longevity of your pet's life and well being.  So Life's Abundance is a complete nutritional system for your dog and cat.
  • Fresh and convenient and delivered directly to your door, no more lugging your dog food home, Life's Abundance shows up at your doorstep within a day or two of placing your order.  Extremely low shipping costs , even for a 40 pound bag of dog food (and for those of you like me with a 90 pound lab you know what it's like trying to get that heavy bag into your car and then into your kitchen).  Fresh is important when it comes to pet food, the longer a food sits the more nutrition it loses, how much fresher can you get then delivery straight from the manufacturer to your door?
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for the digestive health of your dog or cat.  See more about probiotics and the type of probiotics that Life's Abundance uses in our dog food and cat food and how they help your animal.  We use microencapsulated probiotics to ensure their viability through the "slow cook" method to keep the probiotics alive and beneficial to your dog or cat.
  • Omega 3s in correct proportion to Omega 6s in Life's Abundance helps promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. 
  • Antioxidant system to promote and maintain your dog and cat's health.  Some of the most effective antioxidants are A, C and E.  This combination is a powerhouse trio in Life's Abundance and should be included in all of the best dog food and cat food.
  • Prepared in a family owned, third generation pet food maker where making the best dog food and cat food is not only a priority and a family tradition, it's also an art form.
  • Life's Abundance treats are actually made in a human commercial bakery.  In fact Life's Abundance has been APHIS EU certified, a rarity in the pet food business.  To obtain and keep this certification the USDA will periodically inspect not only Life's Abundance facilities but also those of our suppliers to ensure that the ingredients are human quality and other stringent standards.  You will be hard pressed to find many dog food or cat food manufacturers with this APHIS EU certification.